25 September 2010

September 24

Today was yet another long day of driving.  Like, I think it was the same distance from York to London as it is from my house to my grandparent’s house in Arkansas.  It felt like we were in the bus for forever.  However, it was all worth it because we’re in London!
            On the way to London, we stopped and ate at a service station that had many restaurants attached to a hotel.  I’m sad to say that I ate at Burger King.  It was my first real American food that I’ve had this trip, but the alternative was KFC so I think I made the right choice. 
            When we finally arrived at London, we quickly put our stuff away and then went straight to orientation, which was basically telling us how to log on to the wireless internet and all of that stuff.  We figured out where our classroom and the library are located.  Then Lauren, our sponsor, showed us where the local grocery store is.  Guess what….I GOT A STRAIGHTENER!  It made me so happy.  We bought the basic necessities that we would need for our apartment, and then we got to explore our flat.  I’m rooming with Mindy in the smallest room in our entire flat, aside from the bathroom.  When we saw our room, we immediately began to rearrange the furniture to create more space.  I think we’re going to get along well.  Neither one of us have major issues with personal space, and while we’re not slobs we’re not neat freaks either.  We were both in choir and we both love music and singing.  Besides all of that, this whole trip we’ve been saying and thinking the same things at the same time and we both have toy poodles named Cocoa.  Yeah…we have a really weird connection.  So I’m thinking this will end up being awesome.
            The rest of the night was dedicated to facebook, putting up pictures, unpacking, eating dinner, and watching The Kingdom of Heaven with the guys.  It has Orlando Bloom in it, so I was happy.  Unfortunately, I think I’m sick.  Or I have really bad allergies.  Either way, by the end of the night I looked like death and sounded like a man.  We’ll see how I am in the morning, but my plan is to dope myself up so much that it will all just go away.  Just kidding…but seriously.

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  1. Was the Burger King and KFC by a Holiday Inn on Cromwell Rd??? Because that's where I stayed!!!