20 May 2012

Lessons Learned

  • Lesson #1:  Jaywalking in Europe is both encouraged and completely dangerous.  The locals appear to have it down to an art, choosing to cross the street at the exact right moment so that they don’t get run over.  I, however, am quite intimidated by the double-decker buses that come barreling down the “wrong side” of the road, so I mainly choose to stick with the better-safe-than-sorry approach.
  • Lesson #2:  Hole in the wall places can be your best friend, as evidenced by the noodle bar and the milkshake bar we found on the first day in Ireland.
  • Lesson #3:  The first day you have to talk to an Irishman on the phone is a sad day.
  • Lesson #4:  Do not expect to put cold milk in your cereal.  It’s yogurt or nothing.
  • Lesson #5:  American hair straighteners really don’t work in the United Kingdom. Not a party.
  • Lesson #6:  It doesn’t matter how you dress or what you do.  Apparently, in some mysterious, unknown way, Americans stick out like a sore thumb.  Everyone knows who you are.  Drunk people will even go so far as to welcome you to their country while you’re just walking down the street.
  • Lesson #7:  God’s version of art:  Scottish men.
  • Lesson #8:  Don’t go on the Tube by yourself until you are fully confident of your capabilities.  You will get lost.
  • Lesson #9:  When getting on the Tube, don’t be afraid to push people out of your way.  It’s a free-for-all when everyone is trying to get on at the same time.
  • Lesson #10:  People don’t smile on the street.  This is something that only Southerners do.
  • Lesson #11: Murphy’s Law is actually true.
  • Lesson #12: The best laid plans…
  • Lesson #13:  Italian men are gross.
  • Lesson #14:  It’s stressful not to know a predominate language.
  • Lesson #15:  Ryanair, though amazingly cheap, definitely has its down side.
  • Lesson #16:  Paris is not as amazing as everyone says it is. Although the Eiffel Tower is gorgeous, Notre Dame is majestic, and the little book stores and small bakeries down random alley ways are picturesque, Paris is pretty dirty, and the people legitimately hate Americans.
  • Lesson #17:  Wesley (from The Princess Bride) was right…Spaniards are not to be trusted, especially with their airports.
  • Lesson #18:  Sleeping in an airport is not fun.
  • Lesson #19:  People in Italy don’t normally see real blondes.
  • Lesson #20:  If you have a question, ask.
  • Lesson #21:  Europeans are smarter than the average American.
  • Lesson #22:  We are not smarter than ourselves…even though sometimes we are.
  • Lesson #23:  Drivers and pedestrians in Europe are both fearless.
  • Lesson #24:  It isn’t good for your health to experience weather below freezing temperatures.
  • Lesson #25:  Snow is only good when it doesn’t delay flights.
  • Lesson #26:  Pack light and make do.
  • Lesson #27:  Nutella is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.
  • Lesson #28:  Crying and seducing can be used as last resorts only in certain desperate situations.
  • Lesson #29:  An accent from the UK is sooooo attractive.
  • Lesson #30:  Don’t judge people. You don’t know what’s been going on in their lives.
  • Lesson #31:  Berliners forgo fashion for warmth. Londoners forgo warmth for fashion.  Italians have their own bizarre fashion sense that doesn’t provide much warmth or fashion.
  • Lesson #32:  Hostels are excellent for the poor college student, but only the ones that aren’t trashy and set up like frat houses.
  • Lesson #33:  One should not have to ever go three months without a good man hug.
  • Lesson #34:  Smiles and niceness will get you many places but you shouldn’t be afraid to be forceful when necessary.
  • Lesson #35:  Being thrust into a new culture will not only make you be more outgoing but will also make you know yourself better.
  • Lesson #36:  London is amazing, as is the entire United Kingdom. But home is wonderful beyond belief…both the place and the people.

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